Why Damonswhirled?

In a world full of words, when you find some that matter to you, it’s important to support them. I am going to be writing on subjects that I have deep, personal experiences with including, shame, male/female realationship dynamics, boys, girls, business, human dynamics, emotions, culture, progress, hate and love.

I will do my best to always attach these things to real experiences in the world.

I don’t know if I’m uniquely qualified to do this, but I have had an unusual life and hopefully my words will reflect that and bring value to your own life.

If so, please support, as you would a business that brings value to your life.

Thank you

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Turning things inside out, trying them on, sharing and learning.


Damon Brink

I seek to be a conduit to turn hate into love, to be the wall on which fear and doom break and shatter revealing the infinity of human goodness. I also love baseball and coaching kids!